Antidote is a physical running challenge set across a range of locations around Brisbane, Australia. Up to 40 people are split into two teams - survivors and zombies - and battle it out to see who will rule this post-apocalyptic world.


Each team has a different objective:

Survivors: several kilometres away lies a hidden antidote to the zombie virus. It is the survivors' objective to retrieve the antidote and return it to the locked safe box back at Base Camp. The antidote may change form from misison to mission.

Zombies: the zombies' objective is simple - to turn all remaining survivors into zombies and ensure that the antidote does not make it back to Base Camp.

How it works

All players assemble at Base Camp. (The location of the Base Camp will vary depending on the mission)
All players recieve a belt/sling to wear that has a number of flags attached. Survivors each have four flags, zombies two, and these flags represent a player's health.
Team Zombie is given a 5 minute head start.
During these 5 minutes, Survivors each randomly select a Locker Card. Some Locker Cards may give the player extra resources or a special ability they can utilise during the mission. Survivors then embark on their mission.

The "Don't be a Douchebag" Rule

It should be noted early on that this game relies heavily on players being honest, fair and playing to the 'spirit of the game'. In the heat of the moment, rules may get a little blurry - so, we ask all players to employ the simple motto of "Don't be a Douchebag". Anyone found violating this rule will forever be labelled a douchebag. And probably mocked...


An attack is when a player successfully steals an opponents' flag. Only one flag may be stolen from an opponent at any one time (i.e. a player may not steal multiple flags from an opponent in one go). The "Don't be a Douchebag" rule would suggest at least a 30 second break before chasing the same opponent or would perhaps suggest simply chasing after another opponent.

If a group of two or more opponents is encountered, it is perfectly legal to take one flag from each opponent

In a duel situation, where two people are trying to take each other's flags, whoever removes the first flag will be deemed to have won the attack. If mutiple flags are accidentally removed, they may simply be reattached.

Any stolen flags should be kept as they can be traded at the Biomed Centre for additional health. A tally of stolen flags will be logged and names added to our illustrious tally.

Locker Cards

At the start of each mission, survivors randomly select a Locker Card. Some Locker Cards may give the player extra resources or a special ability to utilise during the mission. Some lockers are empty.


Any survivor that holds an adrenaline card will strike fear in the (closest thing to a) heart of any zombie. For the first 10 minutes of a mission, any player in ownership of an adrenaline card is invincible to attack. Use this time wisely - it won't last long.


Trade in a shotgun card at the Biomed Center for a real shotgun (i.e. a Nerf gun). Shotguns only come with a limited number of bullets. The bullets may be reused as many times as required, though beware, any missed shots may cost time and health while searching for the bullet. If a zombie is hit on the full by a bullet, they must surrender one flag to the shooter.

pipe bomb*

Trade in a pipe bomb card at the Biomed Centre for a real pipe bomb (i.e. a water balloon). Pipe bombs must be thrown and any zombies that get wet (even just a little) surrender one flag each to the thrower of the pipe bomb. Players should consider when they use their pipe bomb carefully as it can only be used once. Pipe bombs are effective when dealing with multiple zombies.

flash bomb

A flash bomb card freezes all zombies within earshot for fifteen seconds. In order to 'deploy' a flash bomb a survivor must hold up the card and scream "flash bomb". Any zombies within earshot must freeze (regardless of whether they are in pursuit of the survivor or not). The survivor is then required to give the card to the nearest zombie. Once recieved, the survivor has 15 seconds to get away from the zombies before they are able to move again. While frozen, a zombie's health may not be stolen. A flash bomb may only be used once.


When a survivor deploys a bile card by giving the card to a zombie, the zombie is then unable to attack any survivor until they have stolen a health flag from a fellow zombie. The thieving zombie may add the stolen flag to their own sling/belt. This is the one exception when a zombie may have more than two health flags.

health pack*

Trade in a health pack card at the Biomed Center for full replenishment of your health.


Trade in a defib card after becomming uncounscious to be brought back to life as a survivor

* note: all starred items must be redeemed at the Biomed Centre.




Once a player's flags have all been stolen, the player is deemed to be 'unconscious'. While unconscious a player is unable to attack other players or partake in any objective. (They are still able to talk to other players, though)

If a survivor is rendered unconscious, they are to go to the Biomed Centre where they are brought back to life as a zombie. As a zombie, the player's new objective is to remove all remaining survivors' flags. Any Locker Cards or resulting resources are to be handed in at the Biomed Centre.

If a zombie is rendered unconscious, they are to go to the Biomed Centre where they will be given replacement flags (if available).

If a player is rendered unconscious whilst carrying the antidtoe, they are to immediately place the antidote on the ground where they stand (out of public thoroughfare). Please note, this rule may change from mission to mission.


Control of the Antidote

At no point are Zombies allowed to handle the antidote.


End of Mission

The mission ends when either Team Zombie or Team Survivor completes their objective.

As the mission is spread out over a large area, all players are notified by text message once the mission is over.

Side Notes

Players are encouraged to use the Antidote Facebook page during the mission if communication between other players is necessary. The Don't be a Douchebag rule would state that no private messages are allowed, do it on the wall! You're free to communicate, but you never know who else might be watching...

There are a finite number of flags in play. Therefore, it's important to trade flags in at the Biomed Centre whenever possible. It's also in the player's best interest to do so as stolen flags can be traded for additional health. Survivors may trade 1x stolen zombie flag for 1x additional health. Zombies may trade 2x stolen survivor flags for 1x additional health. Please note that no survivor may hold more than four health, and no zombie hold more than two health at any time (except when bile applies). Please note, whilst you have full health, you will be unable to trade for additional health.

All players are asked to remain inside the Field of Play at all times. Avoid roads, civilians and private property - again, the Don't be a Douchebag rule applies. Please pay particualr attention to children and bikes.

It's not cheap making all the props for the game, so players are asked to ensure that all props are returned at the end of the mission.

Antidote is a non-contact game. Don't be a douche...

Players must not swap/lend/borrow flags or Locker Cards with each other.