Base Camp

Base Camp is where the survivors call home. Although nowhere is safe anymore, it's where all their stuff is. And that's about as good as it gets nowadays... Base Camp is located in the wastelands at A and M Lehman Park next to Goodwill Bridge, Southbank. Base Camp is where all missions start and end.


Obviously, it's of the utmost importance that the Antidote is kept well hidden at all times. However, it's rumoured that it lies somewhere in the park next to the Story Bridge.

Biomed Center

Due to the fact that the world is ending, it's important that the Biomed Centre stays mobile. It will be somewhere between Goodwill Bridge and Story Bridge and won't stay in the same place for long...

The Biomed Centre is the place to renew your health and trade goods. It may also provide a temporary respite from the impending undead. Be aware though, the Biomed Centre can only cater for one person at a time and its services cannot be used while it's in motion...


Hill End Missions

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Please note that there are different locations depending on the mission. Below are the various maps and fields of play for each location:

Kangaroo Point Missions

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